Vivid Knight Review

Vivid Knight is a unique and quite interesting Roguelike Adventure game from the developer Asobism. It combines not only travelling through randomly generated dungeons but also Party-building. By opening and combining various units, you will create your own team that will fight dangerous monsters and bosses.

Vivid Knight Amelie

The plot is quite simple – the main character, princess Amelie, returns from a secret walk and found that all her subjects were turned into jewels. And Black Witch, which is hiding in its underground labyrinth, is to blame for this. And to defeat her, Amelie will have to use magical jewels, which will act as her loyal allies.

The gameplay is very diverse and exciting because, in addition to finding jewels that will give new units, they can be combined, taking into account their characteristics. This allows you to create various combinations with their own bonuses and skills. At the same time, Amelie herself will use special gems, which will open up new skills and the ability to support the team. There is even a special accessory that will enhance your party.

Dungeons will always be unique – at the same time, you will not be allowed to walk freely through them. Each time you travel around the rooms, you spend mana, so although you can go back, it is still better to plan your route correctly. Find new NPCs who will help you improve your squad, craft new items and equipment. In addition, you will find crystals in the dungeons that will unlock new jewels – be they units or abilities.

Vivid Knight Gameplay

The game turned out to be easy to learn, but very interesting. It should also be noted that the game gives the player enough time to gather and form a group. Although everything is based on random drops and events, nevertheless rerolls and crafting will help balance your squad.

Vivid Knight Field Guide

Vivid Knight is out now on Steam, so it’s time to go on an adventure with Amelie!

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