PUBG Season 4 Update News

Meet some fresh news about PUBG Season 4 update and cross-platform release date. As it was said before PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is about to start new forth season on the 27th of August. But what is more exciting is news in the recent dev team announcement video. There we got to know from Koosung Jeong (console producer) that cross-platform version comes just after PUBG Season 4 in October.

To see and hear all the highlighted news you can watch official announcement video on YouTube below.

We on our hand will highlight the most exciting things we’ve learnt from this PUBG Season 4 update.

What is new in PUBG Season 4

First of all, as season 4 comes to consoles the great thing is that all players who play on PlayStation or Xbox will play together picked up from the one pool of players. Moreover, you will manage to see the icon next to player’s nickname which platform he is using from the UI.

Second of all, is that this time season gap between PC players and console players is lower as Season 4 starts 27th August on PCs and early October on consoles. Which is great as we won’t see any specific meta that soon and these types of players will be equal.

On the other hand developers realize their console controls are far from being perfect and promise to improve them.

But the coolest among all is the custom games regime is coming to PS4 in late October!

Even though we would like to know more specific details that’s all news we have for now about PUBG. Check our further news updates to learn more information in future.

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