Ammo Saver | Best Gaming Clips of the Week
Are you absolute Legends ready to watch some pros and some schmos try to do more with less? The theme of this week is saving that precious, precious ammo. The question is, why use a lot of bullets when few bullets do the trick? The answer: Don’t! Let’s break down the clips together and vote...
PUBG Update 9.2 Available now on PC
New update in PUBG 9.2 has been added on PCs and coming to console on 26 November. You can check the details of it below. Battle Bride Pass: This new kind of pass focuses on Sadiya Qureshi, character players have seen from our motion comics. The Battle Bride pass progresses independently from Survivor Pass: Highlands and has...
PUBG Update 9.2 Now Live
PUBG Update 9.2 has upped the ante with new vehicles and features designed to get maximum adrenaline pumping action. The latest update will release 18 November on PC and 26 November on consoles. Players that are excited to try the new content before launch can hop into the PC Test Server today. For an overview of new...
PUBG Season 4 Update News
Meet some fresh news about PUBG Season 4 update and cross-platform release date. As it was said before PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is about to start new forth season on the 27th of August. But what is more exciting is news in the recent dev team announcement video. There we got to know from Koosung Jeong (console...
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