Rise of Legions Review

Meet Rise of Legions review. You will read about all the main features of the game. Find out about gameplay, controls and other advantages and disadvantages of the game further.

Gameplay – Rise of Legions Review

Rise of Legions is a unique combination of Realtime Strategy (RTS), Tower Defense and card game in popular genre MOBA. How it can be possible? Very simple! Developers from Broken Games divided the battlefield into parts. Behind your base, you will see unit spawners. Units that appear there you can pick and place yourself. Out of the base, borders are a straight line and turrets. Those you can break or take under your control to expand the zone for your tactical decisions.

Rise Of Legions battlefield

After you build spawners you can use cards to summon new units. Or you can play spell cards to support your army or deal damage to enemy units. The more cards you play the more spawners you can build further.

Rise Of Legions deckbuilder

There are 5 unique factions in Rise of Legions, which you can combine with each other in your deck. In addition, each faction has its skill tree that opens new cards. Moreover, you can upgrade every card you have by getting experience from battles. Or you can sacrifice unnecessary cards and increase greatly characteristics of the other card.

Rise of Legions Skill Tree

Also, there are 4 modes in the game. Two of them are PvP (1vs1 and 2vs2), and the other two are PvE – solo, and co-op.

Graphics and Controls

The overall graphic is pretty pleasant. But still, it would be better to make more detailed units and cards. And one more little gripe – during the fight all units (yours and opponent’s) look absolutely the same. In this case, there should be some coloring or highlighting of friendly and enemy units.

Rise Of Legions review of the game

Controls are very comfy, with the ability to set personal keybindings. However, I think it would be better if spawners that are ready for any action or without CD highlighted. As in the middle of a fight sometimes you don’t always notice that they are ready.

Sound and Narrative

It is hard to distinguish sounds somehow. They perfectly complement the gameplay, no more.

There is no lore or any storyline in Rise of Legions. But it is worth mentioning simple, quick, and understandable tutorial, which teaches the basics of the game very clearly.

In addition, I’d like to say that despite the fact that the core staff consists only of three people, the game is very interesting and promising so I do recommend you try it out! Available on Steam.

  • Summary
    70Total Score

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    • Gameplay
    • Narrative
    • Graphics
    • Sound
    • Controls
      • Variety of classes and cards
      • Free to Play (but not P2W)
      • Still in development
      • Not so many active players
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