The Bonfire 2: Uncharted Shores Review

I’m a big fan of strategy games and sandboxes. And although my work profile on the site is more about highlighting news and the latest events in the gaming world, I can not resist writing a review of such games. The Bonfire 2: Uncharted Shores from Xigma Games immediately interested me and I plunged into the development of the life of my new charges. The game was released recently on 21st August 2020. But it has already attracted the interest of many players. In my The Bonfire 2: Uncharted Shores review, I will tell you about my impressions and about the game itself in particular.

Light the Bonfire

Events are developing quite rapidly. After the shipwreck, only 4 settlers managed to escape; when they reached the land, they would proclaim it theirs. The game begins with you lighting a bonfire. Which, in turn, launches the tutorial, so don’t jump to conclusions if the game immediately seems too limited to you. The first day and night you will receive a couple of tasks that teach you the basic principles of the game.

The Bonfire 2 Uncharted Shores tutorial

After that, the management and development of the settlement depend only on you. I hasten to note that you will not see all the available buildings at once, they will open gradually as you play, after you open access to a new resource. People will come to your bonfire from time to time. Most often they will ask to join your settlement, but there will also be those who will ask for food, skins, gems or other resources.

The Bonfire 2 Uncharted Shores New Settler

You can accept everyone indiscriminately, but do not forget that each new member will need to be fed and placed in the house so that he does not endanger himself sleeping by the fire. The change of day and night in the game has its own peculiarities about them and other ones we will talk about further.

The Bonfire 2 Development and Life

It is worth noting that your settlers are not just pawns with different textures, they are endowed with talents. They are randomly assigned one talent for each. Thanks to these perks, you will be able to distribute them to work in which they will benefit you most. For example, some settlers, when extracting resources, be it hunting, fishing or coal mining will bring two units instead of one. It is logical to send such an employee to a collective type of activity. You will also meet settlers with crafting abilities, tough and persistent in battle, etc. You can easily move workers from one place of work to another to make your settlement even more efficient.

The Bonfire 2 Uncharted Shores Guard

One of the most basic professions is a security guard. Their main task is to fight the monsters that come at night. Monsters will be completely different from one wolf to a whole flock of huge spiders. Therefore, the guards must be persistent, well-aimed, strong and well-armed. You will be able to provide them with everything they need, since the carpenter can make spears for them, and later the blacksmith can forge armour and swords. By the way, you can instruct the carpenter to create tools for all workers, this can be hammers, sickles, pickaxes and even carts.

But equipment is not the only way to improve the efficiency of the settler. Each of them has three stats: strength, agility and intelligence. The first two are more suitable for guards and sentinels, while the third improves the speed of crafting.

All this makes the game more fulfilling and varied. In the end, you will not only expand the boundaries of your possessions but also open up access to trade with other neighbouring settlements. It’s just extraordinary that such a small indie game has so much interesting, thoughtful and long-lasting gameplay. What’s more, The Bonfire 2: Uncharted Shores inspired me to start recording short gameplay videos for you again, so look forward to more details on The Bonfire 2 in the near future.

If you are interested in trying The Bonfire 2: Uncharted Shores out yourself, you have a chance to get a free demo on Steam now!

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