The Sims 4 Get Famous review

The Sims 4: Get Famous Review

Several days ago The Sims 4 Get Famous became available to purchase in Origin. We’ve been working hard to see all the new features of the game-pack but it was impossible to do in such short period of time so we decided to divide Get Famous review in parts and write several posts to introduce you to all the updates that The Sims has made. This post will combine the upcoming links to other posts with every new game feature review.

The sims 4 get famous

The Sims 4 Get Famous review Game-play

The most interesting things are about new game-play. And not only because your sim can become a star and has a lot of new ways of becoming popular. If you are familiar with The Sims 4: Vampires then you might remember the leveling up system. The one where you get points for each vampire level and spend them to active special perks to make your sims unique. Here in Get famous game-pack you will see the same leveling up tree, but it is more wide and interesting.

Get famous leveling up tree

First of all, all of your actions and words influence your reputation scale. There are two different sides of reputation: good and bad. You can act as if you are an angle an scale the good reputation meter or vice versa to scale the bad one. After you level up your popularity meter and open a new star you’ll get points.


Those can be spent to open perks in three different fame lines and two reputation lines we’ve been talking about. Pay attention that your reputation and fame scale no matter what. Though you can lose your fame if you don’t do any actions in public to maintain famous. The new thing is about quirks, those you can obtain by your regular repetitive actions. We will write more later.

Ways to get famous

The Sims 4 Get famous has a lot of ways how to become famous. If you think you can be famous only thanks to actor’s career you are wrong. Almost every career can make you popular, for example, comic, singer, actor, painter etc. can get promotion and get fame thanks to it, or by performing in the crowded places in the new Del Sol Valley town. Besides you can work for yourself and become a famous video blogger by making videos or remixes.

The Sims 4 Get Famous updates

As any other The Sims game pack Get famous brings with it a new town called Del Sol Valley. The whole Get famous review about Del Sol Valley we will write later, but the main impression that it is a bit small and doesn’t have all the things we expected.

The Sims 4 get famous actor

Moreover, there are three new careers: actor (career with ability to go to work and be active there, like doctor, policeman or scientist), fashion (like simple job where your sims goes to work and all you can do is to make different extra tasks), video blogger (a wide business career, where you work for yourself (like painter, write or musician who sell their works and get commissions without having any job).  Of course, you’ll also see a lot of new furniture, active objects, hair styles and clothes. Moreover, you’ll see new life aims and types of character.

As you can see thins Get Famous Review highlights main updates briefly. So follow our blog to read more reviews that are about to come. Soon we will tell all the peculiarities of Del Sol Valley.

P.S. Don’t forget that you’ll need all The Sims packs to play Get Famous, to see the list of all in-game content visit wikipedia.

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