Urban Flow Review

Have you ever thought that you will be able to more effectively control the traffic of cars at busy intersections? Especially standing in a traffic jam for an hour? Developers from Baltoro Games will give you a unique chance to prove yourself as a traffic controller. Their new game, Urban Flow, is a great action puzzle game that has been available for Nintendo Switch since June 26th.

Urban Flow Gameplay 1

Chaos of the street traffic

The game has very simple rules – all that is required of the player is to monitor the flow of cars. Make them wait for too long and they will ride in red. Or the ambulance will not have time to drive on time – and you lose one “life”. This also applies to collisions on the road. Management is very simplified and convenient – each button is responsible for one traffic light or a bunch of several. All that depends on whether you will pass the level is your attentiveness and coordination. And it is addictive!

Urban Flow Gameplay 2

Each level adds something new, be it a circular motion or a train that cannot be regulated. They can also change weather conditions, which will affect the overall visibility of the map. Or you can collide into a drawbridge.

The graphics in the game are simple and very pleasant, especially the great number of Easter eggs and various details on the map. And the soundtrack perfectly complements the gameplay.

Urban Flow Gameplay 3

Although at first glance the game seems simple, keeping track of several roads at the same time can be difficult. So call your friends for help! In Urban Flow, a local co-op is available for up to 4 people, and playing together is much more interesting! Each player is responsible for certain traffic lights, and usually, they affect the overall flow of cars. Therefore, proper interaction and communication is the key to victory.

It’s good to pass the time for this game and just relax, as well as have a great and fun time with your friends!

  • Summary
    80Total Score

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    • Gameplay
    • Narrative
    • Gaphics
    • Sound
    • Controls
      • Great game for party
      • Smooth and relaxing gameplay
      • Sometimes cars move a bit randomly
  1. Josh

    Love the game! One of the best NS games, and I liked it a little bit more than Overcooked ! It also reminds me of rhytm games like taiko no tatsujin . And It is from my town.

    1. EGRblog

      We like Overcooked! The most common between these two games is that they both are great for playing with friends!

  2. aguedamcphee

    Real superb info can be found on site.

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