Warriors of the Nile Review

Nowadays it is very common to find roguelike games, but usually, they are RPG or card games. But the developers from Stove Studio were able to make an interesting combination of fast-paced strategy with random levels and permanent death of the squad.

Unbeatable Trio

You have 3 warriors at your disposal, each of them is unique. The Sun Warrior is an excellent melee fighter, able to hold back opponents while protecting his companions. Dune Hunter is an accurate archer who quickly and deftly eliminates any targets. And the most dangerous, albeit slow one, is Mystic Mage. Each unit has its own combat mechanics, so you have to combine their skills to survive against crowds of enemies.

Warriors of the Nile Gameplay

After each level, the player will be given a choice of Tablets – one for each hero, and you can only leave one. These are passive skills that will strengthen your squad. In addition, each of them can be equipped with equipment and strengthened all with the help of Carvings – passive skills, in the form of a pyramid. For those who want to start building, there is also a job – clearing the level, you gain experience, and each level will bring points for upgrading the city. You will be able to construct unique buildings that will open up new possibilities for your heroes.

Warriors of the Nile Characters

As for the battles, each time you will encounter new mobs at randomly generated levels. The only thing that never changes is the boss fights. The game has 3 levels, each with nine battles, and the last one is always with the boss (which also change). Get ready for new mobs, because at each level you will meet new monsters with different abilities. Defeating the bosses will bring you generous loot, as well as resurrect fallen squad members and heal wounds.

Warriors of the Nile Town

Warriors of the Nile is an excellent strategy game with simplified combat mechanics and fast battles. Thanks to a huge number of items and passive skills, coupled with randomly generated levels, it will bring more than a dozen hours of interesting and exciting gameplay.

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