World of Warcraft Shadowlands Soulbinds Details

New gameplay in World of Warcraft Shadowlands is very complex and seem difficult to understand. But if you dive into the topic and read some of our guides it will become easy to make a great build. Today we will tell you more about Shadowlands Soulbinds.

What are Soulbinds?

It is a new system of enhancing your build after you get maximum level. At level 60 you will need to join one of the four covenants: Kyrian, Night Fae, Necrolord, and Venthyr. You might pick them by the covenant signature abilities that they grant. You can read about them more here. After you join the covenant you will be able to bind your soul with one of this covenant’s champions. Each covenant has three of them, but the last one you’ll need to unlock as you progress through your covenant renown bar.

This soulbind will grant you bonuses. The champion won’t act as your guard but will share some of his powers with you. So you will see a specific talent tree where you will pick the ones you need. Some of them will strengthen your covenant signature ability, the other will give bonuses to your character.

The Soulbinds Interface

In addition to talents there are empty spaces, where you will socket conduits, that you’ll earn for farming max level content. You can read more about WoW conduits here.

How to unlock Soulbinds?

Two of three soulbinds will be unlocked after you join the covenant and complete an introductory quest. You can pick one at once and enter Soulbinds interface to get bonuses. The third one will open after you reach a particular renown level with your covenant. Moreover, soulbind talent tree rows will also open as you reach higher renown levels. All details about renown progression and when particular soulbinds and their rows unlock you can read in the guide below

In general the order of unlocking the soulbinds is the following.

Covenant1st Soulbind 2nd Soulbind 3rd Soulbind
NecrolordPlague Deviser MarilethEmeniBonesmith Heirmir
Night FaeNiyaDreamweaverKorayn
VenthyrNadjiaTheotarGeneral Draven

How to change Soulbinds traits?

You can reset or change your soulbinds any time at the Forge of Bonds in your Covenant Sanctum. Moreover, you can swap between soulbinds within one covenant in rested areas or with a Tome of the Clear Mind or Codex of the Clear Mind.

All Soulbinds Traits List

Below you can see all traits that you’ll pick from a particular soul bind. They are hidden under spoiler and grouped by covenants.

Kyrian Soulbinds

Venthyr Soulbinds

Necrolord Soulbinds

Night Fae Soulbinds

Here is all you need to know about World of Warcraft Shadowlands Soulbinds.

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