Diablo 3 Masters of the Universe Conquest Guide

Masters of the Universe Conquest is one of the most difficult conquests in Diablo 3. You will need to prepare really good to complete it. In our Diablo 3 Masters of the Universe Conquest Guide, we have collected all tips that will help you successfully complete it.

Also, please note that Masters of Sets  Conquest is the same as Masters of the Universe Conquest but for Hardcore game mode. So the only thing you need to do to obtain Masters of Sets conquest is to follow the guidelines below but on Hardcore.

To obtain Masters of the Universe Conquest you will need to complete all 8 set dungeons with a Mastery ranking. That means that you must complete all set dungeon conditions and in addition kill all minsters in the dungeon. That can be a hard task especially if you are not familiar with set dungeons’ mechanics. We recommend you read our guide below to get to know more about Set Dungeons in Diablo 3 in general and discover their locations.

How to complete Masters of the Universe Conquest?

Set dungeons are a part of addition gameplay that helps you get extra bonuses to your class set. All set dungeons are hidden in the same location but you must wear all sixes piece of the relevant set to see the entrance. Set dungeons have fixed layout and conditions. None of the monsters will drop loot, all you receive is a bonus to the relevant set. Note that even if you get lethal damage in a set dungeon that won’t count as death, but it will fail the dungeon though.

Also, you can wear or activate the Ring of Royal Grandeur in Kanai’s powers. This ring allows you to wear 5 pieces to activate the bonuses from 6. That’ll do for set dungeons as well.

Each set dungeon in Diablo 3 has three normal objectives and one mastery objective.

  • The first one is related to the number of monsters killed without dying. You can use abilities that prevent fatal damage and it won’t fail the dungeon try. In addition, death in a set dungeon won’t effect hardcore players.
  • The second objective requires a number of enemies to be killed or affected by a player’s skills (of those that are enhanced by the respective set) in a way that requires some practice to use effectively.
  • The third objective requires to use the advantages of the set or bestows an additional limitation, usually not being hit by a specific monster attack, affix, or crowd control effect.
  • Mastery objective requires beating all three of the above within a time limit (usually 4:30) and kill all monsters in the dungeon, which is slightly more than the first objective requires.

There are 28 set dungeons 4 per each class. For Diablo 3 Masters of the Universe Conquest, you need to do 1 per each class. So at least you have a choice.

In addition to conquests, you can get extra rewards for completing sets. Like a class-specific pennant cosmetic. Basic completion of all classes’ Set Dungeons will reward you with Wings of the Dedicated and Mastery completion will reward you with the Wings of Mastery. For wings cosmetics, you’ll need to complete all set dungeons (nit 28 but 24 from the expansions before Necromancer).

You can also read guides and builds for every class in Diablo 3 following the link below as a good build is 80% of success.

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