Fort Triumph Gameplay Video

Recently we have posted a new review about Fort Triumph. And here is Fort Triumph Gameplay Video. You will see all the major features of the game in its natural form.

Fort Triumph Features

Fort Triumph is a tactical turn-based RPG. You can play it in single-player or by the local co-op. The game has a great combination of strategy and turn-based fight, which made it a successful project on Kickstarter.

You will meet unique encounters every time and will fight against deadly foes.

A strategy game combining the Turn Based Combat of XCOM with the world exploration of HOMM. Explore the world, build towns, collect artifacts, improve your heroes, and influence your tactical surroundings using physics in Fort Triumph!

But Fort Triumph is not just any other HoMM like game. Here you can do a lot of stuff with surroundings and adapt your strategies. So the features make Fort Triumph unique:

  • Utilize your surroundings: Every tree or boulder is a potential weapon in battle.
  • Build up strategies: Choose between four factions and four classes. Build your base, gather resources and upgrade your characters with new skills!
  • Improve your heroes: Gain traits and cross-class skills to make your heroes unique every time you play!
  • Explore procedurally generated maps: Fort Triumph features flexible world maps with variable locations and events. Each battle calls for a new plan.
  • In addition you’ll have a great music to listen to.

Fort Triumph is available now on PC and you can purchase it on Steam or GoG.

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