I, Dracula: Genesis Review

Today, a lot of cult games get a second life at the expense due to remakes and remasters. And I think the fans of Roguelike Action games will be pleased with the news that iDracula is waiting for a new part. For those who don’t know, back in 2009 a great game iDracula: Undead Awakening from Moregames was released. I happened to play it on the PSP, and spent quite a few hours destroying the hordes of evil spirits. And recently, I found out that a new part, called I, Dracula: Genesis is coming out on PC and I couldn’t stop myself from shooting at zombies and vampires one more time (or a thousand times).

I, Dracula Genesis Stats

Blood and bullets everywhere!

The game meets us with bright pixel graphics and drive gameplay. A short tutorial that will help to understand the control in the game and we choose Universe, in which we will recover to destroy the undead. At first glance, the game may seem simple, but it is not. The main feature of this game is complexity. And not only enemies will be a threat – a huge number of traps and an aggressive surrounding world will try to return the player back to the respawn.

I, Dracula Genesis Gameplay
I, Dracula Genesis Enemies

In addition to randomly generating levels, they are truly unique. The game has a huge number of enemies, locations are filled with various objects, some of which can be broken, for example, walls or exploding barrels. A lot of useful NPCs that offer their services for gold and not only. At the same time, there are several of them at once. In addition, you can come across various events, such as the opening of new weapons or rooms with mobs, for the cleaning of which they give a reward. There are even puzzles that reward the player with something useful for solving them. In other words, it is impossible to find similar levels.

I, Dracula Genesis Events
I, Dracula Genesis Bosses

As for weapons and other items, there are a myriad of them. The developers claim that the game has more than 1200 items: weapons, skills, consumables, relics and artefacts. And indeed it is! A wide selection of weapons and modifications, various perks and curses. Stores are filled with various goods, and there is always where to spend honestly broken coins.


I, Dracula: Genesis is a great example of how to combine Action Shooter and Roguelike, adding a good portion of complexity and fun. In addition, the game is actively developing and very soon we are waiting for new features!

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