Legends of Runeterra Review

Legends of Runeterra is a card game in the universe of the well-know game called League of Legends. For the time being the game is available on PC (in Beta). But it will release on mobile phones and tablets really soon (Android and iOS). Further in our Legends of Runeterra review, you will learn about the main features of the game to give you the general impression.

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Gameplay: Legends of Runeterra Review

The game will amaze you from the very beginning. Literally from the first minutes of gameplay, you will see how dynamic and fascinating it is. After a short tutorial, you will be able to play against other players at once. In addition, you can continue game presentation in several tutorial scenarios, that will help you get better.

Legends of Runeterra Review gameplay

Legends of Runeterra is a dynamic game because of its terms. Every match is divided into rounds in which players play in-turns. Usually, you a turn ends after you play a card. Thanks to this you won’t get bord waiting for your opponent to play all his cards in a round. Moreover, you can immediately react on your his unit or spell cards as you can interrupt another player’s casting!

Legends of Runeterra Review cards

Attack Token most of the time binned to one of the players and swaps every round. Although, there are some special abilities that can grant an additional attack coin for a short period of time. With such special attack coin, a player can attack the enemy’s Nexus. It means that his opponent can only block the attacking cards. Moreover, if you play your cards smart there is a way out even from the hardest situations!

Legends of Runeterra Review decks

There are a lot of cards in Legends of Runeterra. They represent each region – Demacia, Freljord, Ionia, Noxus, Shadow Isles and Piltover & Zaun. Each region has its champions and leading mechanics of cards and gameplay. Moreover, each region has its own reward system – while playing you get XP that open rewards!

Graphics and Controls

You can hardly say that graphic is the prior part in card games. But the only word I can say to describe graphics in Runeterra is impressive! And that’s not only about stunning champions level-ups. The way you appear on the board, the highlight of special card skills and even animation of spells – all of that superbly animated.

Legends of Runeterra Review Champion cards

It is hard to face difficulties with controls in card games. It is very handy to play cards and sign a target for spells. Besides, it is almost impossible to misclick.

Sound: Legends of Runeterra Review

I like the sound a lot as every card has its unique presentation on the board. Battle sounds and music come greatly together making a tense atmosphere of the real card battle.


Dialogues between characters and their reactions on the battle are amazing! Most of the cards react the way you play a champion card of their faction on the board. Moreover, they comment on the fight and announce their level-ups. Thanks to these details you feel more immersed in the game. And, also, that will encourage to refer to units as real, but not as simple cards.

Legends of Runeterra for free

To sump up our Legends of Runeterra review. In overall Runeterra is a unique mix of different popular card games’ mechanics. And that is its main advantage – it is not simple! You will need to choose the right tactics for attack or defence. But Legends of Runeterra is not hard as well. It will never let you think “what just happened?” or get bored while the other player’s turn.

To play Legends of Runeterra download it for free from the official website here!

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