Northgard Review

Last week Northgard was free for all Steam users, so I’ve spent some good time playing this wonderful RTS. All my thoughts about the game you can read on in Northgard Review.

Northgard Review

First of all, Northgard is not a newly released game. It is two years old now but it is developing. There are a lot of new clans in the game and as far as I understand from their official website, even more, are coming. That is great, but still, there is a disadvantage for me as all of them you need to buy. On the other hand, I understand that it is a common practice and no one should judge a game by its monetization. Let’s move to the gameplay.

Gameplay – Northgard Review

Northgard is a great game with rich and interesting gameplay. This is a real-time strategy that anyone will like because you can design any mode you want. Formally, there are five different modes:

  • Solo Story Mode
  • Single-player Skirmish
  • Northgard Ragnarok
  • Competitive Multiplayer
  • Northgard Conquest

Let’s talk about each of them more closely.

Northgard Solo Story Mode

You will see the story of Rig the high King of Northgard, who faces his fate and seeks for revenge. I’d recommend Story mode for newcomers. There you will see all the features of the game from the easiest to the hardest and learn to combine them. Moreover, you will be able to play for each default clan. That will prepare you for other modes as you will know how to use any clan’s perks.

Northgard Review Story Mode

You can complete the story several times. When you start it for the first time you will see the main objectives to complete a level. After you succeed you will be able to complete it with bonus objectives. An interesting fact, if you complete bonus objectives in the first run they will count. So there won’t be any need to play the level again.

Northgard Single-player Skirmish

You can play for one of the clans in a PvE mode. Moreover, you can choose anything you like from content type to the number of AI that will play against you. And, yes, you can put zero AIs, so you will be the only clan on the map. In that case, you will play against the environment and that will look like a sandbox pretty much.

Northgard Ragnarok

This is a harder mode of the game. The environment will become very aggressive. There will appear new strong mythical creatures. And all of it will look like a great challenge for you and your clan.

The end is nigh! Fight for survival is a devastated environment, tormented by death and unknown mystical creatures!

Northgard Competitive Multiplayer

The name tells it all actually. You will see a Skirmish but there you will need to compete with others. You can also invite your friends to play, but it won’t guarantee that they will help you win, of course.

Northgard gameplay

In addition, there is a competitive ladder. You will start from Wooden league and as you play and overcome other players you can reach the highest league the Rimesteel.

Northgard Conquest

I’ve found this mode very interesting. It’s like a combination of Story mode with Multiplayer. But here you and your friends have a common aim. Moreover, you will see specific conditions on every level. So you can call them challenges. Playing and discovering this mode is interesting enough. Besides, it brings around 100 hours of new content.

Northgard Lore

Read further Northgard Review to know about other points we grant the game.

Graphics and Controls

I like the graphics in Northgard. It is clean and stylish. All the colours are pleasant and the textures are aggressive. Just as they must be in a game about Vikings. Although, sometimes you can see that different layouts put onto each other. That makes it harder to understand where is your unite standing.

Northgard Controls

As for the controls. It is pretty easy to learn controls and its convenient to play. But when you swap between different settlers it is rather annoying to click several times to find the one you need.

Sound and Narrative

I have already mentioned earlier in Northgard Review that there is a decent storyline in Northgard. Moreover, you will see that every clan has lore and that their speciality and perks depend on it. And what makes it all complete is the sound. You will be taken to the lands of medieval Scandinavia by those tunes.

  • Summary
    70Total Score

    Our reviews are based on five criteria that allow us to give the most accurate assessment of the game. Gameplay displays the main features of the game, mechanics and overall player's game interaction. Narrative reveals the main storyline, well-written dialogue and the impact of the player's actions on the world around them, as well as the atmosphere. Graphics shows how well a game looks visually, regardless of type and perspectives. Sound is how well the dialogue and sounds of the game are sounded, as well as how the music and soundtracks accompany the game. Last but not least, Controls are how comfortable they are and allow the player to expect full control over their character.

    • Gameplay
    • Narrative
    • Graphics
    • Sound
    • Controls
      • Balanced clans
      • Interesting and rich gameplay
      • There is no ability to speed up the time in PvE
      • Half of the content is extra DLCs that you need to buy separately
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