Path of Exile Heist League Challenges Complete Guide

As usual, we have collected all information we could to make this complete guide. You will read about all Heist Challenges with tips and tricks. Learn how to achieve the needed number of challenges to get desired rewards.

There are 40 challenges in PoE. Some are easy to obtain during levelling, others are harder or almost impossible to achieve. In our Path of Exile Heist League Challenges Complete Guide you will read the tips that will help you do as many PoE challenges as you can even all 40 if that is your goal.

Our guide is presented in the rating difficulty list. That means that we have divided the full Heist challenges list into four difficulties: easy (the most part of them you’ll do while levelling), normal (you can obtain them with a minimal effort), hard (you’ll need to try and repeat several times to do them), very hard (you’ll need to farm numerous maps and know and be able to kill end-game bosses). If you want to get 20 challenge completed you can combine challenges from different difficulty levels to pick the most appropriate ones for you.

Easy Difficulty Heist Challenges

As we have already said you’ll see them get completed while you play and level-up your champion. If you finish the last act you’d probably have all the following 12 challenges completed.

Prepared for Battle

Complete each of the following Encounters.

  • Defeat Merveil, the Twisted in The Cavern of Anger while wearing a Sapphire Ring
  • Defeat Vaal Oversoul in The Ancient Pyramid while wearing a Topaz Ring
  • Defeat Piety in The Lunaris Temple Level 2 while wearing a Sapphire Ring and a Topaz Ring

Sapphire Ring is with cold resists and Topaz Ring is with lightning resists. You can buy them from vendor in towns.

Complete Heist Encounters I

Complete each of the following Encounters.

  • Open a Smuggler’s Cache
  • Purchase a Contract from Whakano, the Barber
  • Complete a Contract
  • Complete a Grand Heist

You can read more about this in our Heist Mechanics guide here.

Complete these Quests

Complete each of the following quests.

  • The Dweller of the Deep
    In Act 1, kill THE DEEP DWELLER in the Flooded Depths (from the Lower Submerged Passage).
  • A Fixture of Fate
    In Act 3, collect all the GOLDEN PAGES in the Archives, then give to Siosa.
  • The King’s Feast
    In Act 5, kill UTULA in the Ruined Square which located at the south-east of the map.
  • The Silver Locket
    In Act 7, collect SILVER LOCKET in the Broken Bridge, then give to Weylam Roth.
  • Queen of the Sands
    In Act 9, kill SHAKARI at The Oasis.

Defeat these Act Bosses I

Defeat each of the following Unique Act Bosses.

  • Act 1: Merveil, the Twisted
  • Act 2: Vaal Oversoul
  • Act 3: Dominus, Ascendant
  • Act 4: Malachai, The Nightmare
  • Act 5: Kitava, the Insatiable

You should be managed to kill them easily. even if you face difficulties ask someone to help it will still count.

Defeat these Act Bosses II

Defeat each of the following Unique Act Bosses.

  • Act 6: Tsoagoth, The Brine King
  • Act 7: Arakaali, Spinner of Shadows
  • Act 8: Lunaris, Eternal Moon and Solaris, Eternal Sun
  • Act 9: The Depraved Trinity
  • Act 10: Kitava, the Insatiable

They are a part of the main questline, so you cannot skip them. Again you can ask for help in case of difficulties.

Complete Heist Encounters III

Complete a Heist Contract in each of the following areas.

  • Bunker
  • Smuggler’s Den
  • Laboratory
  • Repository
  • Prohibited Library
  • Tunnels
  • Underbelly
  • Records Office
  • Mansion

All of these contracts drop randomly from smuggler’s caches or from monsters. None of them are rare so you’ll definitely find all of the types easily.

Complete Vendor Recipes

Complete vendor recipes to receive each of the following items. A vendor recipe is when you trade a specific pattern of items to a vendor, not when you buy items from his/her purchase screen.

  • Scroll of Wisdom – Sell a Vendor a blacksmith’s whetstone/armourer’s scrap
  • Chromatic Orb – Sell a Vendor equipment that contains 3 different colours sockets linked together.
  • Jeweller’s Orb – Sell a Vendor equipment that contains 6 sockets.
  • Glassblower’s Bauble – Sell a Vendor a set of flasks with a total of 40% quality or a 20% quality flask.
  • Gemcutter’s Prism – Sell a Vendor a set of gems with a total of 40% quality, or a 20% quality skill gem.
  • Chaos Orb – Sell a Vendor a full set rare item with their item level between 60 to 74.
  • Cartographer’s Chisel – Sell a Vendor a Stone Hammer/Rock Breaker/Gavel with 20% quality and a map.
  • Any Map – Sell a Vendor 3 same type of maps.
  • Any Sextant – Sell a Vendor 3 same tier of sextants (except awakened, because is the highest tier).
  • Divine Orb – Sell a Vendor equipment that contains 6 links.

In case you want to learn more details about vendor recipes read this.

Modify Heist Contracts

Use each of the following currency items to modify Heist Contracts.

  • Orb of Transmutation
  • Orb of Alteration
  • Orb of Chance
  • Orb of Alchemy
  • Chaos Orb
  • Regal Orb

Just use all of these orbs on one or different contracts to complete.

Defeat Heist Unique Monsters

Defeat each of the following Unique Heist monsters.

  • Head Enforcer
  • Security Specialist
  • Flesh Sculptor
  • Corpse Stitcher
  • Backbreaker
  • Tormentor
  • Loyalguard Mk 4
  • GR8B0-Y

Just clear heist contracts until you meet all of them. They spawn randomly, but they are not rare, so you’ll complete this challenge in no time.

Complete Grand Heists

Complete each of the following objectives relating to Grand Heists.

  • Reveal a Room or Wing on a Heist Blueprint
  • Complete a Grand Heist which has at least three Wings revealed
  • Complete a Grand Heist while at least six Rogues are recruited

We have described all these steps with every detail in the guide that you can see below.

Obtain Heist Rewards

Obtain each of the following reward types from Secure Lockers, Ornate Crates, Small Bronze Chests or Rusted Receptacles.

  • Currency
  • Armour
  • Weapons
  • Jewellery
  • Maps
  • Divination Cards
  • Stacked Decks
  • Gems
  • Unique Items
  • Prophecies
  • Essences

Every rogue specialist influences the type of rewards that you can occur on the heist. Use cheat sheet from our Heist Rogues guide to get what you want.

Equip Experimented Base Types

Equip Experimented Base Types in each of the following item slots.

  • Weapon
  • Shield
  • Ring
  • Amulet
  • Belt

You will need to complete a grand heist in order to find experimental base equipment. The list of all items you can find here. Or you can buy any cheap item to complete this challenge.

Normal Difficulty Heist Challenges

These challenges are hardy autocomplete as the previous ones. Here you’ll need to do some research, but they are also pretty easy to obtain.

Complete Encounters I

Complete each of the following Encounters.

  • Defeat a Rogue Exile
    It is a monster that looks like another player. He has specific abilities and drops a set of equipment when killed. You can craft a mao with additional exiles. Also, they usually appear during levelling.
  • Gain the Acceleration Shrine buff
    Spawns randomly, just be sure to activate all the shrines you see.
  • Modify an Arcanist’s Strongbox
    When you see Arcanist strongbox, use any currency on it (just like on any other item), it can be alchemy or even scroll of wisdom. This type of strongboxes drops currency items.
  • Use a Remnant of Corruption on an Essence Monolith
    When you see a frozen encounter use Remnant of Corruption on the central figure to modify it. You can also see this cheat sheet to learn more about essences.

Complete Heist Encounters II

Complete each of the following Encounters.

  • Sell a Heist Target to Faustus, the Fence
  • Escape from a Heist Contract with the Heist Target within 45 seconds of lockdown beginning
  • Equip a Heist Trinket

Again we wrote all the tips about Heist League mechanics in our guide below. Also, you’ll find there more information about trinkets.

Complete Encounters II

Complete each of the following Encounters.

  • Complete a Prophecy Chain
    A chain prophecy means prophecies that reward key fragments at the end of their “chapter” prophecy. Seek prophecy from Navali until you find needed. Also, you can buy the last prophecy from the chain sealed from another player, or drop from another league mechanic that rewards a “prophecy item”. You can farm them in Heists in perception contracts.
  • Complete a Betrayal Safehouse
    After you meet Jun in Act 9 start completing all tasks to defeat the immortal syndicate. This can be tricky if you don’t know it’s mechanics. Try find answers here.
  • Defeat The Vaal Omnitect in the Temple of Atzoatl
    You’ll meet Alva in Act 7. Your job is to open at least one root to the top of the temple to reach and kill the boss.
  • Defeat a Possessed Unique monster
    When you meet a Tournament spirit kite it on a unique monster. But it is the hardest way. The easiest way is to buy Possessed Foe prophecy and fulfil it. Or you can try to upgrade Alva’s room with tournament spirits to level three. In that case, all guards (and they are unique) will appear Possessed in the temple.

Complete Twinned Maps

Complete 10 of the following 16 Map Tiers while they have the Twinned Modifier. Maps are completed by killing their Unique Bosses.

  • Tier 1
  • Tier 2
  • Tier 3
  • Tier 4
  • Tier 5
  • Tier 6
  • Tier 7
  • Tier 8
  • Tier 9
  • Tier 10
  • Tier 11
  • Tier 12
  • Tier 13
  • Tier 14
  • Tier 15
  • Tier 16

You will need to craft Twinned mode (Area contains two Unique Bosses) on a map of the needed tier. Use alterations until you get this mode, or find it on Poe trade. But remember to be carful as it will be twice harder to kill them.

Heist Enchant Modification

Equip Weapons or Body Armour which have 10 of the following 14 Heist Enchantment modifiers on them.

  • Life
  • Defence
  • Mana
  • Resistance
  • Attribute
  • Physical
  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Cold
  • Chaos
  • Caster Damage
  • Speed
  • Critical
  • Ailment

You can see the full list of enchantments in our guide here. To get them you need farm grand heists or buy them from other players.

Equip Heist Rogues

Fully equip each Heist Rogue with Rare items.

  • Karst, the Lockpick
  • Niles, the Interrogator
  • Huck, the Soldier
  • Tibbs, the Giant
  • Nenet, the Scout
  • Vinderi, the Dismantler
  • Tullina, the Catburglar
  • Gianna, the Master of Disguise
  • Isla, the Engineer

We have a cheat sheet that will help you not only equip your rogues with random items but do it with wisdom do benefit from them. Read our guide below to learn how.

Turn in Divination Cards

Turn in Divination card sets of the following sizes to Tasuni or Navali.

  • 1
  • 2 or 3
  • 4 or 5
  • 6 or 7
  • 8 or 9
  • 10 or more

Use the table below to complete this challenge. You can collect them yourself or buy on poe trade.

TypeBest Choice
1The Void, The Heroic Shot
2 or 3The Doppelganger, The Lover
4 or 5Her Mask, The Carrion Crow
6 or 7The Calling
8 or 9Rain of Chaos, The Web
10 or moreThe Lich

Also, you can define other appropriate sets of divination cards. But these are easier to get. If you decide to collect them yourself farm Perception and Deception heist contracts.

Alternate Quality Experiments

Complete each of the following objectives pertaining to Alternate Quality Gems.

  • Equip a gem with Alternate Quality
    Alternate quality gems have a special name, such as Anomalous, Divergent, & Phantasmal. Each has their own different effects on the gem-quality stat. You can see the list of active skills alternate gems and passive alternate gems via mentioned links.
  • Level a gem with Alternate Quality up to level 20
    If you don’t have such gem, buy such gem with a maximum of level 19 and level it to 20th level. Note that you need to level it yourself.
  • Corrupt a gem with Alternate Quality into a level 21 gem
    Here is the list from Trade with the cheapest gems that will come handy. Buy, use Vaal orb, repeat until you get to level 21 gem.
  • Have a socketed gem with Alternate Quality that has at least 40% Quality
    Craft it yourself (farm grand heists types Repository or Tunnels) or buy Replica Voideye (+30% to Quality of Socketed Gems) to succeed quicker.

Complete Heist Encounters IV

Complete each of the following objectives pertaining to Heist encounters.

  • Complete Contracts (0/250)
  • Complete Grand Heists (0/25)
  • Reveal Rooms (0/300)
  • Reveal Wings (0/60)

Easy as pie, but it will take long time to complete such amount of them.

Acquire Replica Unique Items

Acquire Replica Unique Items from Heist Areas for each of the following item slots. You can trade them away afterwards.

  • Weapon
  • Shield or Quiver
  • Body Armour
  • Helmet
  • Gloves
  • Boots
  • Ring
  • Amulet
  • Belt
  • Flask

You must do it yourself. So farm Laboratory or Prohibited Library Grand Heists to get them.

Complete Unique Maps

Complete any 15 of the following 19 Unique Maps on your Atlas. A Map is completed by killing its Unique Boss or Bosses if it has any. Maps without Unique Bosses are completed by opening specific Unique Chests.

  • Vaults of Atziri
  • Maelström of Chaos
  • The Coward’s Trial
  • Acton’s Nightmare
  • Poorjoy’s Asylum
  • Mao Kun
  • Oba’s Cursed Trove
  • Olmec’s Sanctum
  • Death and Taxes
  • Whakawairua Tuahu
  • Hall of Grandmasters
  • The Vinktar Square
  • Caer Blaidd, Wolfpack’s Den
  • The Putrid Cloister
  • Hallowed Ground
  • The Twilight Temple
  • Pillars of Arun
  • Perandus Manor
  • Doryani’s Machinarium

You can complete any of them actually. But there are 4 that are hard to complete or to obtain. So we recommend you skip Hall Of Grandmaster, Perandus Manor, The Putrid Cloister, and Doryani’s Machinarium. The prices can change so you can check them yourself.

To get unique maps faster get The Encroaching Darkness divination card that will provide you with a random unique map.

Complete Heist Quests

Complete each of the following Heist Quests.

  • Contract: Stolen Lockpicks
  • Contract: Karst’s Revenge
  • Contract: Credit Where Credit’s Due
  • Contract: Finding Opal
  • Contract: Opal’s Jewels
  • Contract: Enoch’s Whereabouts
  • Contract: Enoch’s Remains
  • Contract: Grocery List
  • Contract: The Vinderi Bomb
  • Contract: The Nameless Play
  • Contract: The Finest Costumes
  • Contract: The Wedding Dress
  • Contract: Disengagement
  • Contract: Rational Tools
  • Contract: A Mundane Sample

They drop from Smuggler’s Cache complete them as soon as they drop and continue farming maps to get new ones. They drop randomly but will not repeat if you completed it ones successfully.

Hard Difficulty Heist Challenges

These challenges may cause more difficulties and extra effort to complete them. Such as extra farm of content and tactics and mechanics on killing end-game bosses.

Defeat the Conquerors of the Atlas

Defeat each of the following Conquerors of the Atlas.

  • Baran, The Crusader
  • Veritania, The Redeemer
  • Al-Hezmin, The Hunter
  • Drox, The Warlord
  • Sirus, Awakener of Worlds

The first four of them you will meet when you’ll start to explore the Atlas (Zana and Kirac will give you quests for finding and killing them). Then you will continue to kill them in regions effected by watchstones. After you kill the first four exiles in regions effected by all four watchstones you’ll get the access to fight Sirus. Just follow Zana’s and Kirac’s quest-lines to do everything right. If you fail to do it from the first try, you’ll need to kill those other four exiles again to get your way to Sirus for the next try. we recommend you watch some tactics guides and videos to kill Sirus as he is a tricky one.

Complete Encounters III

Complete each of the following Encounters.

  • Defeat Leif, the Swift-Handed in Castle Ruins Map while you are Blinded
    Tier5 Castle Ruins Map, wait for smoke mine that’ll blind you every 5 seconds and kill while you are blinded.
  • Defeat The High Templar in Villa Map without being affected by Cold Beam
    Tier3 Villa Map, one of the totems that raised by the boss will deal cold degen damage on the player instead of lightning, so try to stay far away from its totem or destroy them before killing the boss.
  • Defeat Oak the Mighty in Mesa Map while you are Taunted
    Tier3 Mesa Map, the boss will use some warcry skill that’ll taunt player, so just try always to stay near the boss to gain that taunt effect then only kill the boss.
  • Defeat Jorus, Sky’s Edge in Temple Map while he is channelling Scorching Ray
    Tier3 Temple Map, the scorching ray is a bit dangerous to tank, so try to do it at the lower-tier map to able survive the boss skill. Just stay in front of the boss then wait till it starts channelling it’s scorching ray then only burst your damage kill the boss to complete this challenge.

Complete Encounters IV

Complete four of the following five Encounters.

  • Complete Abysses (0/50)
  • Interact with Shrines (0/150)
  • Successfully complete Blight encounters (0/50)
  • Pass through Delirium Mirrors (0/50)
  • Open Maps with Fortune Favours the Brave (0/30)

Just farm maps and make sure to complete these encounters. The last one you can do by donation chaos when you open the map.

Achieve Ascension

Use the Ascendancy Device in all 4 Labyrinths.

  • The Labyrinth
  • The Cruel Labyrinth
  • The Merciless Labyrinth
  • The Eternal Labyrinth

We have a great guide about Labyrinths that will help you complete this challenge.

Complete Eight-Mod Maps

Complete 30 Red Tier Rare Maps while they have 8 mods. Red Tier Maps include Tiers 11 to 16. Maps having 8 mods is a potential outcome of Vaal Orb corruption. These Maps are completed by killing their Unique Bosses. Sextants, Scarabs and Zana mods do not count towards the mod count of this challenge.

Use Vaal Orb on a rare map to get 8 modes. But it will be tough, so ask for help to clear it. Also, you can buy an 8 mode red map here.

Level Heist Jobs

Level each of the following Heist Jobs to level 5.

  • Lockpicking
  • Brute Force
  • Perception
  • Demolition
  • Counter-Thaumaturgy
  • Trap Disarmament
  • Agility
  • Deception
  • Engineering

Farm Contracts of the most possible high level to get more experience points. Read our Rogues guide for more tips.

Reach Level 90

Attain character level 90. This challenge still counts even if your character dies afterwards.

Just don’t die often and farm higher tier maps…simple as that. 🙂

Explore the Atlas

Complete the following number of Bonus Objectives and Awakening Bonus Objectives.

Bonus Objectives (0/140)
Awakening Bonus Objectives (0/140)

You can do both types of bonus on any map you clear. Open the Atlas point a mouse on the map and check the requirements to make the bonus completed. All bonus objectives you can get from magic or higher quality maps (excluding unique maps, they can be white). As for the Awakening bonus, to get this type of bonus you will need to clear a map with a specifically required tier and corresponding awakening level (every 4 Watchstones socketed anywhere in the atlas will give you one level).

Defeat Unique Contracts

Complete each of the following Unique Heist Contracts.

  • Contract: Breaking the Unbreakable
  • Contract: Heart of Glory
  • Contract: Death to Darnaw

All these contracts are available as in-game drop right now. You can farm them yourself or buy for around 20 chaos orbs.

Defeat The Twins

Seek out and defeat The Twins.

Seek for Contract: The Twins (Vengeful Contract). Prepare yourself for a tough fight. If you face difficulties killing it or you don’t want to risk it, wait until next 3.12.5 patch when all the bugs will be fixed to complete this challenge.

Complete Encounters V

Complete each of the following Encounters.

  • Defeat The Hallowed Husk in Palace Map after it has cast Blood Rain at least 3 times and without having stood in the Proximity Shield bubblestand outside it’s Proximity Shield bubble at least 3 times before kills him and don’t forget to use a flask that removes bleeding.
  • Defeat the Trio of Bosses in Vaal Temple Map by killing K’aj A’alai lastkill them in the right sequence. First, kill K’aj Y’ara’az, then K’aj Q’ura and leave K’aj A’alai for the end.
  • Defeat Aulen Greychain in Fungal Hollow Map while both you and him are affected by Immortal Calltypical to Challenge Encounters III, lower his HP, wait till he uses Immortal Call then use Immortal Call yourself and kill the boss.
  • Defeat Chayula, Who Dreamt without being hit by Chaos Cyclone projectiles and after they have used Chaos Cyclone at least 3 timesthe easiest way to kill it is to leave the room with portal every time boss uses Chaos Cyclone and return when it ends.

Defeat Heist Bosses Conditionally

Complete each of the following Encounters.

  • Defeat Admiral Darnaw without being hit by Ocean’s Wave
  • Defeat The Unbreakable without being affected by Magnetic Storm
  • Defeat Nashta, The Usurper while affected by Emberstorm and without detonating any Volatile Emberstorms

The most effective way is to burst them with high damage before they even start casting anything and try to dodge everything.

Very Hard Difficulty Heist Challenges

To complete the following four challenges you will need as many time as one week and a decent build for completing the top end-game content and bosses.

Heist Map Grind

Complete Maps with a total of 75,000% Item Quantity from modifiers and additional sources, such as Sacrifice Fragments. This does not include any quantity bonuses from your items or party.

To get high quantity maps:

  • Use cartographer chisel for 20% quality
  • Use Orb of Alchemy to roll more mods to increase quantity
  • Use Sacrifice fragments up to three per map

The alternative way is farm Olmec’s Sanctum unique map. Because it rolls will high item quantity by default.

Defeat The Twins Conditionally

Complete each of the following Encounters.

  • Defeat The Twins without becoming Immobilised – avoid stepping on ice trap.
  • Defeat The Twins without causing The Twins to swap positions – focus only one to avoid them to swap. As when melee twin reaches 75% HP it swaps. So kill the twin with a crossbow first.
  • Defeat The Twins by killing Vix Vox first – Wearing Light-gold clothing.
  • Defeat The Twins by killing Vinny Vox first – Wearing Light-blue clothing.

Complete Deadly Encounters

Complete four of the following six deadly Encounters.

  • The Shaper
  • Farrul, First of the Plains
  • Aul, the Crystal King
  • High Templar Venarius in The Cortex
  • Uber Elder
  • Mastermind at an area level of 83

To complete this Heist Challenge you will need a good build and experience of killing end-game bosses.

Complete Endgame Grinds

Complete any 4 of these encounters the specified number of times.

  • Level 100
  • Open Chests at the end of the Endgame Labyrinth (0/500)
  • Complete Syndicate Safehouses (0/40)
  • Complete Breach Domains (0/40)
  • Defeat Factions in the Domain of Timeless Conflict (0/50)
  • Complete Heists or Grand Heists at an area level of 68 or higher (0/750)

No need to do all of them but choose 4 the most appropriate and easy for you. We recommend skipping reaching level 100 as it is time-consuming. As for the other ones do the ones you think are the easiest for you.

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