Stardew Valley Review

Hey guys! Meet our Stardew Valley review! First of all, Stardew Valley is an indie game created and published by ConcernedApe on 26 Feb, 2016. We classify it as a simulation of agriculture with elements of RPG. If you like it there is a 20% discount for Stardew Valley on Steam until the 9th of July.

Although it is made in pixel graphics we found it stunning. In less than several minutes you get used to it and start enjoying the game.

A great plus for you to have fun is an incredible story line. It is very interesting to play further and further to get to know all the things that are about to happen to your character.

In addition, you will also hear a good soundtrack that changes all along the game, which make it more atmospheric and complete. We almost imagined ourselves on our personal farm in Stardew.

Stardew Valley Review – Gameplay

In Stardew Valley you will find all things related to the agricultural life.Those we highlight further in post. But most importantly, is that you can make every game unique thanks to different difficulties. There are five options of a landscape of your farm that influences that.

First of all, you are obviously going to run the farm. Your poor granddad left it for you to run away from everyday routine of modern life. And there you adventure begins. At first you will learn how to operate with different objects and resources. Therefore, how to collect wood, grass, seeds, stone and so on ans so far.

Besides living a farmers life you can also earn money and spend them to upgrade your house and add some extra features to your farm. Such as build a coop to take care of some chickens. And further, about other animals, like pigs, cows etc.

As any other simulation RPG Stardew Valley has fishing! It can be hard at first, but further you’ll get used to it so don’t ignore this feature as it is extremely useful. You need something to eat, don’t you?

Moreover, Stardew Valley has elements of fighting. We didn’t find it hard for now, but it is a good way to make the game more fun. You will meet mobs in a mine next to your village. Also, you will find there special items, minerals and resources too.

Stradew Valley – Features

Above all, you will have tasks to complete to move in the story-line or find quests to complete. From the very beginning you will see that quests is a pretty rare activity, do keep your eyes open not to miss them.

During you play the game you will communicate with other villagers. That will influence your relations. In other words you can make friends in Stardew and even a family. Moreover, you will see a lot of holidays where you can engage in social life.

Finally, last but not the least is weather! We like it in games when it becomes more and more realistic. So be ready to have you crops watered with a lovely spring rain.

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      • Good environment
      • Sometimes it is confusing because of objects that are not on your way but still they block you
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