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This review is about a new game called UnderMine. You can already play in an early access version by getting it on Steam. We rated the game 6.8/10 below you can see the full review and discover all the aspects we pay attention to in our reviews.

UnderMine unstable concotion

UnderMine Gameplay

First of all, it is an exciting pixel roguelike RPG. When going into the mine you have only two options: win or die. The second will happen to you all the time as monsters won’t get easy on you!

UnderMine mine down

Although, not only monsters will give you hard times. The mine is full of taps and danger at each step. And if you get lucky and get to the Boss you will need to try really hard to overcome him. Even though you die, don’t upset at once. You will revive with a part of money you collected and you will be able to spend it on improving your gear or buying new items that will help you survive next time.

UnderMine Second Boss

Also, if you are lucky to find some recipes you will be ably to craft items and potions. Every mine down is unique as dungeon generates randomly. It consists of many rooms, which will become an arena the moment you enter it and run across monsters. Besides, you won’t be able to leave this arena. That’s where you win or die to leave.

UnderMine What happens after death

Moreover, you’ll see a great amount of rooms with treasures and NPCs (and not only vendors). And, of course, keep your eyes open as there are a lot of secrets in this mines!


UnderMine has very detailed and traced pixel graphics. All levels are atmospheric and monsters are pretty realistic.


The game has pleasant and simple music. Sounds of fights and environment are on high level.

UnderMine Controls

Generally speaking controls are intuitively understandable and comfortable. But when it comes to jumping over abysses or dodging traps you may face some disturbing complications. We’d say they might be comfier to avoid on a gamepad. Also, you can play with a keyboard and gaming mouse. The option of declare your own bindings is available.


You are a simple peasant sent to the mines to investigate strange tremors deeply underground. Further you’ll find different NPCs and events related to them. Help them and they will help you back!

UnderMine Crafting

When you return from a mine down they will provide you with their services. For instance, blacksmith will upgrade your equipment or will craft you new items. And alchemist may make a potion for you etc.

In conclusion, we’d like to say that we recommend playing UnderMine everyone who likes roguelike and roguelite rpg games. As it is impressively interesting to play!

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    68Total Score

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    • Gameplay
    • Narrative
    • Graphics
    • Sound
    • Controls
      • Lots of items and upgrades
      • Interesting game progression
      • Piltes are a bit disturbing
      • Clunky controls
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