Wild Rift Ranked Season 1 Rewards

Wild Rift Season 1 is on its pick. You have already read in our post Wild Rift Ranked System and Victory Points how to level up in Wild Rift’s ranked leader. We have also explained ranked fortitude in Wild Rift Ranked Fortitude post. But what about rewards? Read on to learn what you can get for ending up in one of the ranks.

Season 1 Start: January 8th, 2021 / 18:00 UTC+0
Season 1 End: April, 2021

Don’t be afraid to miss the ending of Wild Rift Ranked Season 1 as you will see the countdown of it some weeks before it ends in April 2021.

Season 1 Rewards & Features

The list of rewards and features that you can get for playing Wild Rift ranked is below.


Ranked features allow players to show their Ranked might in their profile and loading screens. Unlike rewards, they are activated by default and cannot be chosen or adjusted by players. You handle the climb, we’ll take care of the rest!

Current Rank Icon BorderRank changesUpon promotion/demotion
Current Rank Loading Screen BorderRank changesUpon promotion/demotion


Unlike features, rewards are permanently added to your account’s inventory. So prepare to set your icon and queue up a glorious, sword-swinging powerhouse to show the world your season 1 prowess!

Unique Glorious Tryndamere Skin
(Champion included!)
Reach Gold + 10 games won in rankedWhen conditions are met
S1 Participation Icon
Play at least one Ranked gamePost-season
Highest Rank Player EmblemReach Gold + 10 games won in rankedPost-season

For players who have finished their Placement Games, your starting rank will be entirely based on your final rank in the previous season. We can’t give the specifics, but suffice to say that climbing now will pay dividends even when the season’s over.

Your Ranked Fortitude will reset back to zero as soon as the season finishes. That includes any active loss protection or coming double-win bonuses, so use ’em while you can!

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