POE Blight League Review

After about a month of casual farming I’d like to share with you some of my thoughts about POE Blight League. Before we go straight to the league review I’d like to share my in-game stats. While playing I managed to get 94 level with my necromancer on SSF league. Atlas progression: 140/159, I am still trying to get Shaper Guardians Maps. As Blight maps drop really rare I cleared only around 10 or a few more. Further you’ll see explanation to my ratings for Blight League.

POE Blight League Atlas Progression

Gameplay – POE Blight League

This time Path of Exile made an excellent league with tons of gameplay possibilities. Let me say that it is way better than Betrayal League or other previous this year. As for the Blight maps. Those maps are little zones without mobs. Their you’ll see only bases for towers and a great amount of portals for upcoming waves. Those maps are very interesting to clear and in addition even too much profitable. I spent as much time on clearing waves as on collecting the loot. Names of items sometimes don’t fit the screen therefore I needed to collect newly dropped desired items at once. Nevertheless, I was a bit disappointed about really low high tier oil drop chance. Even on 15 tier maps you can get tier 1-4 oils without high tiers. In addition to all the mentioned features, you can check the whole list of Anointing Enchantments here to get the whole impression of new staff.

Blight League Gameplay

But the overall impression from POE Blight League is very positive. One of the great strengths is necromancer’s rework. Now you can play as necromancer with out any particular need in specific unique items. Such as Bones of Ullr, Vis Mortis etc. That’s because now the number of specters depends on the level of the gem. Moreover, the ability to get passive from skill-tree with a help of Anoiting Amulet makes it possible to customize your build even more.

Controls in Blight

Firstly, it is pretty easy to sort out how to build a tower. But on the other hand, the main disadvantage is that it is extremely hard to choose, build or upgrade a tower during and encounter, when the waves are coming. Moreover, Grinding Gear Games added one more panel for skills (CTRL by default), which is very handy for auras and more.

POE Blight League Towers Selection

Blight League Graphics, Sound and Narrative

Similarly to any other league visualization is on a very high level. Even though it is pretty hard to see much details on blight maps. As there is a great amount of mobs with aoe abilities rushing to the ichor pump.

Songs and speech lines of Sister Cassia during the fight will cheer you up. Divine power!

AS for the Blight League narrative. You need to help protect ichor pump from waves of mobs and get loot and experience in return. What else do you expect from an Action RPG?

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