Diablo 3 Season 21 Classes Tier List

Diablo 3 Season 21 Trials of Tempest has been active for several weeks now. We have written several guides about the current D3 season, which you can check out below. As for this post, we just wanted to remind you classes tier list for Diablo 3.

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S tier

The list of the best and most powerful classes in Trials of Tempest in Diablo 3.


Barbarian Diablo 3 Builds

With the recent buff Rend (Ambo’s Pride new Legendary Power) and combined with the Wrath of the Wastes set, Barbarian is the leader on this list. Reworked 6-Piece set bonus Wrath of the Wastes now also applies to Rend, turning an already strong build into an over-facing build. Despite this, it will not be difficult to start playing for this class, so both beginners and experienced players can start their way to the top of the ladder.

Demon Hunter

Demon Hunter Diablo 3 Builds

Patch 2.6.9 added a new set for Demon Hunter – Gears of Dreadlands (GoD). Together with the items that allow increasing the damage Hungering Arrow (primary skill) and the mobility of Strafe, clearing the rifts will turn into a walk in the park. In terms of damage and speed, Demon Hunter will seriously compete with Barbarian, so if you like ranged champions the choice is obvious.


Crusader Diablo 3 Builds

After a nerf last season, Crusader lost the lead on this list. Don’t rush, though, the Aegis of Valor set and Heaven’s Fury can still clear the top tier of Greater Rifts. And it is great for those who prefer to play alone, especially with an excellent set of defensive skills that will allow you to survive even the most difficult battles.

A tier

Very good and strong Diablo 3 classes, but not the best ones now.


Monk Diablo 3 Builds

The current patch has not affected the popular Tempest Rush monk builds with various variations. Choose the most suitable set for you (Sunwuko or Patterns of Justice) and conquer Greater Rifts solo or with friends, because the monk is great for playing in a group.


Necromancer Diablo 3 Builds

Despite the new set for Necromancer (Masquerade of the Burning Carnival) added this season, this will not affect the ability of this class to clear top Greater Rifts. All the more, if you want to focus on speed farming of conventional rifts, then there is no better candidate for this role.

B tier

Witch Doctor

Witch Doctor Diablo 3 Builds

If you want to play as a caster, then we advise you to opt for Witch Doctor. With a new set (Mundunugu’s Regalia) last season, WD have become top-notch AOE damage dealers, able to clear trash in Greater Rifts better than anyone else, which is indispensable for group rifts.


Wizard Diablo 3 Builds

Unfortunately, the new season did not bring any changes for Wizards, which affected its position in the tier list. Players will still be able to compete for first place in the ladder using the proven Archon build with Vyr set. But we hope to see new uniques and sets for this class in new patches!

Each class has its own unique characteristics and qualities. And despite the fact that some of them have advantages this season, playing for each of them is still interesting and fun, especially in a group with friends!

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