Summer in Mara Review

Summer in Mara is a novelty from Chibig that will drag you in the first minutes of the game. To begin with, this is a fun simulator with farming and crafting elements. In addition, you can fish, mine ore, collect resources for crafting, plant trees and take care of your own island. But this is far from the main thing in the game. What bribes a player is the rich story of the game. Further, we will tell you more details.

Farming, mining and crafting

All fans of modern indie simulators love these features. And in Summer in Mara you will experience them from the new angle. The developers were able to simplify part of the gameplay associated with resource extraction and farming to give a player more time for exploration and adventures. And this is a very good solution! After all, the game only benefited from this.

Summer in Mara Farming

In order to grow vegetables, fruits or trees you need seeds. You will receive a couple of substitutes at the beginning of the game after training. But the rest you will need to buy in the city or get for quests. In addition, you will need to create tools for cleaning the territory and preparing the land for planting. After that everything is simple, plant the seeds and water them. Oh yes, you have to build a couple of structures from scratch to care for and develop your island. For example, a well for rainwater. But it’s even interesting to restore and maintain your farm, isn’t it?

Summer in Mara Mining

As for gathering and mining, everything is simple here. You will see the fruits on trees or bushes, you can shake them and collect the fallen fruits. For mining, you should create tools and use them to collect ore, which will be found in caves and on stones.

I really liked the idea of creating and arranging stations for crafting. To begin with, all the necessary stations you already have at home. But you will not see them. All you need to do is enter your home and pick the necessary place to perform the needed action. Thus you’ll see workshop to craft some stuff, or kitchen to cook some food.

All the recipes you will get during the game. Also, cooking is a tricky bit. Even though you know a recipe doesn’t mean you’ll make it delicious. No, there is no scrollbars mini games with cooking in Summer in Mara. All you need is practice. Cook a dish several times to master it. Except for plants you’ll need fish for cooking. There are many fishing spots where you can activate the fishing mini game. The starting fishing spot is located in the middle of your island, also there you’ll find a bait.

Storyline and quests

You will find it very interesting to play Summer in Mara. First of all, it is an open-world game. Here you can explore new islands and swim across the sea. The very first place you will go to is the central city. There you will get your first quests, which are not fro training.

Summer in Mara boat

The city is full of life and there you are about to meet a lot of different characters. Help them with their daily routines and solve their problems in order to earn some money and become friends by increasing your relationship bar.

Summer in Mara Quests

In addition, you will need to solve many mysteries related to the origin and fate of the Koa (the girls you play for in the game, who is the main character you cannot change).


Even though you cannot customize the looks of Koa you still can change her outfit. Craft clothes, buy backpacks and wear what you like more.

Summer in Mara Building

Moreover, you customize your island with buildings and plant trees the way you like to give the island an unrivalled atmosphere. Immerse yourself in the amazing adventures of Koa with us in Summer in Mara.

  • Summary
    80Total Score

    Our reviews are based on five criteria that allow us to give the most accurate assessment of the game. Gameplay displays the main features of the game, mechanics and overall player's game interaction. Narrative reveals the main storyline, well-written dialogue and the impact of the player's actions on the world around them, as well as the atmosphere. Graphics shows how well a game looks visually, regardless of type and perspectives. Sound is how well the dialogue and sounds of the game are sounded, as well as how the music and soundtracks accompany the game. Last but not least, Controls are how comfortable they are and allow the player to expect full control over their character.

    • Gameplay
    • Narrative
    • Graphics
    • Sound
    • Controls
      • A casual game for the whole family.
      • The rich storyline and interesting quests.
      • Appropriate gameplay simplifications for a comfortable game.
      • A bit unrealistic graphics.
      • Jumps in the game are very high and overcome almost any surface and obstacles.
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